Colin Munroe ft. Wale :: Will I Stay?

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As a farewell to 1,2…1,2, I felt it was appropriate to play one of my favorite jams of the past year. This is rehearsal footage of “Will I Stay,” a great track by Colin Munroe featuring DC Native Wale. When I first heard this, I played it on repeat for days on end. In fact, as I sit hear writing this, I can’t help but spin the record back one more time.


Jay Electronica :: Exhibit C :: Astronote Remix

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Jay Electronica :: Exhibit C :: Astronote Remix
The Astronote Remix to the newborn classic, “Exhibit C,” by Jay Electronica. You’ve most likely heard the original mix produced by Just Blaze, which as Maiya from says, is “pretty much untouchable.” But Astronote does well with this remix, providing a fresh sound under Jay Elec’s verses. Listen to both and let me know which mix you prefer.

Big Daddy Kane Discusses the Meaning of “Freestyle.”

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Along with dozens of other lyrical legends, Big Daddy Kane recently did an interview for the book, How to Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC. In this brief segment, BDK discusses the connotation of the word “freestyle,” and how it has evolved since hip-hop’s adolescence in the mid-eighties. According to artist, “freestyle” used to refer to a written rhyme that was “free” of “style,” or subject matter. That is, the rhyme didn’t necessarily tell a cohesive narrative, like hip-hop tracks so often did back in the day.

Now, in 2010, hip-hop artists use the term to refer to improvised rhymes, usually over third party production. Hip-hop artists will almost always claim that their freestyles are totally “off the dome,” or not written down. Here’s excellent example of a new school freestyle.

Meth, Ghost, & Rae ::: Our Dreams Trailer :: Wu-Massacre

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Ok, I promise this is the last piece of promo content that I’m going to post for this album. Well, actually, I can not in good faith make that promise.

Pac Div ft. The Cool Kids :: Shut Up

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Something a bit different for y’all, the visuals for Pac Div’s, “Shut Up,” featuring The Cool Kids. I don’t usually feature Pac Div because most of the hooks are so boring that I can’t enjoy their verses. Listen to the track and perhaps you may disagree.

Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins :: Life Lover

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Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins :: Life Lover

Anyone who knows Theophilus London knows that this is somewhat of an achievement for the young Brooklyn MC. True, it’s a short track, and although both verses are well-constructed, they are short remarkable. Why then is “Life Lover” an achievement for London? For the simple reason that it is unlike everything else we’ve heard from him up to this point. London is a young artist who has yet to release a full LP (of course, these days, you could be fifty and still releasing internet mixtapes), and his first single, “Humdrum Town,” while awesome, felt gimicky. The sound was clearly not sustainable, and yet as I listened to the rest of London’s tape, I feared that he was going to try to ride that sound all the way to the nearest Urban. Luckily Theophilus, or someone near him, realized that if he wanted to be taken seriously, he needed to diversify his offerings, and quite frankly, be wary of “rave-rap.” All of that being said, I really dig this artist, and hope to hear much more like this in the near future. Bring in the horns!

Sean Price :: Gang Leader and Angel Dust

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Sean Price :: Gang Leader

Sean Price :: Angel Dust

Here are a few new Sean Price joints for your Monday afternoon mental. P seems to be the kind of artist who spends more than a bit of time in the studio, always laying down new tracks, even if they’re not associated with any ongoing projects. You’ll be hard pressed to go two weeks without running into a Sean P loosie floating around the internets. And yet, his music maintains a certain level of freshness that many critics believe artists lose when they over-saturate the digital space with their works.